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Auspac Pure Water

Sales Agent Information package

Extra Income!? How about being sales agent?

Auspac Pure Water was founded in Brisbane in 1999. Since then Auspac Pure Water has been producing high quality, cleanest, purest, healthiest water by the bottling machine with 4 step process. This process is more than just filtered water.

What kind of product we sell?


  • 11L water bottle

  • 15L water bottle

  • Water dispenser (sales and hire)

  • Ceramic wells

  • Accessories



Pure Water
Ceramic Wells
Water Dispensers

What sales agent does?

  • Find customer to purchase water bottle and/or purchase/hire water server.

  • Correspond inquiries from customer as the first contact.

  • Place orders to the head office when customers has decided to order.

  • Pick up products when its delivery date and delivery to customer’s shipping address.


What is the commission rate?

  • 15L water bottle: $11 each bottle to customers ($4 commission)

  • Water dispensers (to hire): $66 and $99 a year ($10 per year commission)

Where is your office/warehouse? (to pick up products)

            5/23 Richland Ave, Coopers Plains, QLD 4108

Q & A

Q. Do you have sales area to sell your products?


A. No. You can sell any area that you can delivery.

Q. Does customer pay to me or pay to you?


A. Customer (end user) will be paid to us, then we pay commission to you.

Q. When do I receive commission?


A. We process commission monthly. We will pay commission of the total amount of customers (end users) paid to us. Unfortunately, we can not process commission for unpaid invoices.


Any Questions?

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